Subaru WRX Wagon May Return, But Only In Australia

WRX fans have been screaming for a hatchback or wagon version of the car ever since the current (and outgoing) generation car came out for 2015. It seems those screams have been answered — but only if you live in Australia.

CarExpert reports that the current Levorg wagon will complete its transformation into a long-roof version of the WRX starting next year. Unfortunately, Subaru will continue its financially sensible commitment to crossovers and SUVs in North America and not bring it here, much to the dismay of wagon fans like me. I bought my 2015 WRX in spite of it being a sedan and not a hatchback, not because of it.

So what will the next North American WRX look like? Subaru will show us on September 10.

Photo credit: Tokumeigakarinoaoshima via Wikimedia Commons

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