Toyota and Subaru Got the new 86 and BRZ Right

I haven’t gotten my hands on one yet, but Jalopnik has, and they’re impressed. The new version of the Toyobaru twins has cured the complaints people had about the original (full disclosure: I had a 2014 model and LOVED it). The new 2.4-liter boxer engine cures the dreaded torque dip of the old 2.0. The interior doesn’t feel like you’re in a Yaris. The gauge cluster and infotainment work much better than in my old car. And, if you choose the correct option package, the standard Michelin Primacy HP “Prius tires” get an upgrade to the Pilot Sport 4S, The old Pilot Super Sports transformed my BRZ from a drift machine into a grippy track car, so it’s great that they now offer this setup from the factory.

I still want to get my hands on one for myself. Toyota or Subaru, call me.

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