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The 2023 Nissan Z Is the Best Kind of Throwback

Nissan pulled the covers off the long-awaited and seriously overdue successor to the 370Z. At first glance, I think it’s exactly what Nissan needed.

The current version of the car came out as the 350Z way, way back in 2002. It got some minor updates and became the 370Z in 2008 and has remained basically unchanged since, so if you think the 370Z looks dated, that’s because it is. Its replacement, originally thought to be called the 400Z but now known as simply the Z, are both an update and a throwback, all at the same time. The front evokes the twin round headlight design of the original 240Z, while the rear mimics the 1990s 300ZX. It does both of these in a thoroughly modern way.

The Z gets a 400 horsepower, 350 lb-ft, 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6, with either a six-speed manual or nine-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters. If the suspension is tuned for handling rather than boulevard cruising, it could be quite the formidable sports car once again, as any Nissan with a Z in its name should be.

Jalopnik has a good overview of the new car, as well as five great design details that really make it work visually. Automotive News has more, and points out that Nissan has given us a 400-horsepower twin-turbo sports car in the age of ever increasing electrification. The Drive gives Nissan well-deserved kudos for keeping the manual transmission alive in the new Z.