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South Dakota COVID Cases Increase nearly 500 Percent After Sturgis

In the “There’s Absolutely No Way Anybody Could’ve Seen This Coming” department, RideApart tells us that shockingly, COVID-19 cases are rising rapidly after more than 500,000 people attended the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Talk about a super-spreader event.

We saw exactly the same thing happen last year. I even wrote about it. By our nature, bikers tend to take more risks than non-bikers. It’s just the way it is. But by now, we know what’s going to happen when 500,000 unmasked people who don’t take the pandemic seriously gather in one place. Even if you don’t believe the science (and you should), just look at what happened last year. Why would you think the same thing wouldn’t happen again this year? Sure, there’s a vaccine now, but many of these people are the same ones who refuse to get it, or don’t believe it’s effective or even real.

People like this are the reason why people like me always failed our group projects in school. Being the smart kid, I shouldered 90% of the work for the group. But because THAT ONE KID refuses to do their small part, ALL of us fail the project. That’s exactly what’s happening with COVID right now, and why infections are on the rise once again.

Now is sounding like a good time to run away, by myself, in a van down by the river.

Please Don’t Throw Cheese At Cars

We shouldn’t have to say this. Cheese is for eating and enjoying, not for throwing at cars. Jalopnik reports that unfortunately, a growing trend on TikTok shows otherwise.

Why, people? Just why? I can understand doing something like this if it’s genuinely amusing. The classic pie in the face gag is as old as movies themselves. But this, this is just stupid. It’s not even funny.

Now get off my lawn.