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As New York Auto Show Reveals Go Online, Where’s the WRX?

After the last-minute cancellation of the New York International Auto Show, manufacturers who had planned to unveil new models there are starting to so it online instead. Lincoln has pulled the covers off the 2022 Navigator, Kia has shown us the 2022 Sorento plug-in hybrid, and Hyundai took the wrapper off the sporty 2022 Elantra N. All of these were supposed to be shown to the public for the first time at NYIAS.

Absent from these online reveals, at least so far, is the 2022 Subaru WRX. We were also supposed to see it in New York, but alas that is not to be.

It would’ve been a brilliant move to instead reveal it at last weekend’s Climb to the Clouds race up Mt. Washington, NH. Subaru is the title sponsor, and Travis Pastrana’s new record-breaking time already had all the media attention. It would’ve been the perfect setting, both logistically and philosophically, to see the new WRX for the first time. The Airslayer STI is arguably the ultimate evolution of the current car, probably the fastest one we’ll ever see. The next logical step is to begin with the next generation car, which could have appeared there as well.

I’m still looking forward to seeing it when it eventually does come out. As the past owner of a 2015 WRX, I want to see how they improved on what I had.