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There Will Be Another Morgan 3 Wheeler

Morgan must’ve read my love letter to their 3 Wheeler, the last of which was built recently. Or was it? A Morgan press release says there will be another, and they have photos to prove it.

The camo color scheme is amusing, because it’s impossible to disguise a Morgan 3 Wheeler to look like anything other than what it is. What these pictures reveal, though, is the clear lack of a Harley (I know, S&S) V-twin engine comically hanging off the nose of the car. It’s just some ugly gridwork, which will likely look much nicer in the production car.

So what’s under the hood? Morgan says a Ford three-cylinder (1.0 EcoBoost, maybe? That engine would put a lot of pep into this car) and I believe them, but I can’t help speculating that there may be an electric offering in the near future as well. We’ll have to see. But I’m glad that the 3 Wheeler is not dead after all. Thank you, Morgan, for listening to my request.

Watch Morgan Build the Last 3-Wheelers

It’s a sad day. Morgan has ended production of the 3 Wheeler, a car that is one of my personal favorites because it perfectly embodies the driving experience in its most raw form, despite the fact that it has one less wheel than a traditional car. Morgan has released this video commemorating the event, which shows us how they build… sorry, built these beasts.

Some speculate that in the future, the 3 Wheeler may return, in electric form. Certainly it would be an excellent platform for an electric conversion. There’s so little to it, you wouldn’t need much of a motor or battery pack to propel it to ludicrous speed. But there’s there’s something special about the ridiculous look of a Harley-Davidson engine (I know, it’s really an S&S) hanging off the front of the thing, and the sound of a Road Glide accompanying this weird contraption of a car. It’s bonkers, and that’s why I love it.