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The Ford Maverick Is Cheap To Buy, Cheap To Run

The Maverick is supposed to be the small, cheap truck that the old Ranger used to be. We already know it’s the right size. Motor1.com reports that adjusted for inflation, the Maverick, starting at $19,995, is cheaper than the Model T, whose $850 price tag in 1908 dollars equals $25,000 in 2021.

Additionally, The Drive tells us that the EPA has rated the non-hybrid, 2.0-liter EcoBoost FWD models at 23 city, 30 highway, 26 combined. AWD models lose 1 mpg across the board. That’s excellent for a truck, and keep in mind this is the version with the worse mileage. Hybrid versions should get somewhere in the 40 mpg range.

Big Ford, Little Ford

One of the biggest gripes about the return of the Ford Ranger to the US is that it’s almost as big and expensive as the F-150. The new Maverick is looking to change that, being a truly compact and affordable truck. But how small is it? So far we’ve only seen pictures of the truck by itself, which makes it hard to judge its size.

Motor1.com brings us some context, spotted on the Maverick Truck Club forum. These are the first known pictures of all three trucks together, which gives us a great idea of the Maverick’s actual size. It’s significantly smaller than its two siblings towering over it, closer to the original Ranger than the current model. This is great news for genuinely compact truck fans. But can they get over its front wheel drive?