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Don’t Be This Guy

Racing is supposed to be about how fast you can go, not how well you can keep a faster driver from passing you. The Drive brings us an example of one guy who clearly didn’t get this memo.

Christopher Ball, who shot this video, is doing all the right things. He’s clearly the faster driver. He’s giving his competitor room when they go side-by-side through the turns. He’s attempting to make good clean passes. The other guy, though, seems more interested in blocking, weaving, and pushing him into the wall than having a good race. DON’T DO THAT!

One of my best karting experiences was at Bushnell Motorsports Park. I was ever so slightly faster than this other guy, but not so much faster that I could divebomb him in a turn. We ended up side-by-side for half a lap, which is an eternity in race time. At no point did we block each other or even make contact. Eventually I made the pass, but he sure made me work hard for it. THAT is how racing is supposed to be.