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Airplane Flies Through Tunnel at 150 MPH

Red Bull is all about the stunts. The crazier, the better. For their next trick, pilot Dario Costa flew his Zivko Edge 540 through not one, but two Turkish tunnels at 150 mph, reports Aero News Network.

I look forward to seeing the full video, but this teaser shows us just how fast and narrow this flight was. This is the sort of insanity I try in Flight Simulator X Steam Edition, not in real life.

Cessna Hits Errant Police Drone

Two weeks ago, a Cessna 172 making a routine approach to Toronto Buttonville Municipal Airport in Ontario, Canada, collided with a police drone operating in the area, reports Jalopnik.

Despite being a student pilot under the watchful eye of an instructor, it appears that it was the police who were in the wrong here. Drones may not fly within three nautical miles of an airport, or above 400 feet anywhere, without special authorization. This drone was struck one mile out from the airport at 500 feet altitude. You’d think law enforcement would actually follow the law.

It’s a good thing the drone struck the Cessna’s body. A few feet lower and it could’ve gone right through the windshield, with disastrous consequences.

You Can’t Autocross a Cessna

I have fond memories of many autocrosses on the runways of the old Fort Devens. I grew up nearby, and used to dream of taking a car out there and tearing around. In that way, I got to live a childhood dream.

A Cessna 152, however, can’t turn on a dime the way my Mazda Miata could. An unfortunate student pilot in Hollywood, Florida, learned this the hard way when she tried to exit the runway after landing but took the turn too fast, leaving the runway and smacking a taxiway sign. General Aviation News has the story. (Thanks to Airforceproud95 for the appropriate image.)

Teenage Woman To Attempt a Flight Around the World

Nineteen-year-old Zara Rutherford takes off from Kortrijk, Belgium tomorrow to begin a solo flight around the world, which would make her by far the youngest woman to ever do this. The current record holder for this feat is an elderly 30 years old. She’ll be flying a Shark, which will also make her the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe in a microlight aircraft.

Read all about it at General Aviation News, and follow her progress on TikTok and her website.

Oregon Fires Need Eyes In the Sky

The Pacific Northwest seems to have joined northern California in that it is consistently on fire these days. According to AOPA, the authorities are asking civilian pilots to help them spot and monitor these wildfires from the air.

Col. Paul Ehrhardt with the Benton County Oregon Sheriff’s Office Air Search and Rescue department has asked pilots flying over Oregon to watch for any fires on the ground and report them to authorities upon landing. “This will go a long way in getting fires spotted and stopped before they grow too big to stop,” Ehrhardt wrote to AOPA.

In an emergency, authorities and emergency services need all the help they can get. In this case, as many literal eyes in the sky as possible will help them keep tabs on the firefight, monitor their progress, and redeploy fire crews as needed.