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Tesla Vision-Based Autopark In Action

Tesla’s eyes are getting better, as camera-based sensors continue to replace the ultrasonic sensors previously used. Electrek brings this video of the new camera-based Autopark feature in action from Tesla hacker Green, who has managed to enable this new camera-based software on his older Tesla, even though it’s only supposed to work on Model S cars delivered since June.

What can I say? It works! There’s absolutely no way that ultrasonic sensors could see the painted lines in the open area where Green demonstrates the feature. This makes it possible to park your precious Tesla far, far away from the plebs and their ancient caveman cars that still run on fossil fuels.

Kidding aside, this is pretty cool, and an essential step as Tesla keeps improving its self-driving capabilities. Though I have to wonder how well this will work in the average parking lot with paint that’s worn out, or repainted in a different pattern while the old lines are still somewhat visible as well? Maybe Green should go to his local “dead mall” for his next test.

Chevy Teases Electric Silverado With Four-Wheel Steering

You knew it had to happen. Ford grabbed the electric truck spotlight with the F-150 Lightning, so Chevrolet had to answer with an electric Silverado. What we didn’t expect, though, was the return of four-wheel steering.

Elektrek brings us this teaser video of the upcoming electric Silverado, which prominently features the four-wheel steering option. This harkens back to Chevy’s Quadrasteer option, available on 2002-2005 Chevy Silverado / GMC Sierra twins, as well as the Chevy Suburban / GMC Yukon XL. (You can read more about Quadrasteer at GM Authority.) Being a teaser, we have little info on the new system, other than its availability and simliarity to the one offered on the Hummer EV.

With vehicles getting ever bigger and bigger, it’s no wonder this feature is making a return. My dad downsized from a Silverado to a Colorado specifically because the bigger truck can’t make the turn into his garage in one swing, the Colorado can, and both trucks fulfill all of his truck needs. So the need for a tighter turning radius is definitely there.

You Don’t Need a Van To #Vanlife

Some people spend thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars on top notch van builds, skoolies, box truck conversions, and so on. You can do that, but you don’t have to. Here’s a Subaru Forester that’s been turned into a simple home on wheels.

Full disclosure: I’m a Vancity Vanlife fanboi. One of the reasons I like Chrome is that despite having a fancy schmancy van build, he never forgets his roots, and always remembers where he started — in a bare, empty cargo van with plastic bins, a cooler, a basic bed, and little else. He’s been a huge influence in my own van life journey, even though I’ve done some things very differently than him. Both of us agree, though, that you don’t need a fancy built-out like you see all over YouTube to, as Amanda Zito says, “get out there and do the thing.”

Big Ford, Little Ford

One of the biggest gripes about the return of the Ford Ranger to the US is that it’s almost as big and expensive as the F-150. The new Maverick is looking to change that, being a truly compact and affordable truck. But how small is it? So far we’ve only seen pictures of the truck by itself, which makes it hard to judge its size. brings us some context, spotted on the Maverick Truck Club forum. These are the first known pictures of all three trucks together, which gives us a great idea of the Maverick’s actual size. It’s significantly smaller than its two siblings towering over it, closer to the original Ranger than the current model. This is great news for genuinely compact truck fans. But can they get over its front wheel drive?

Behind the Scenes of the New England Forest Rally

I volunteered to work amateur radio communications for the 2021 New England Forest Rally. It was fun. My camper van served as an excellent mobile communications center. I got to catch up with old friends, from competitors to other volunteers and everyone in between.

You can read all about my adventure at FIXD. You can also watch my Smokey Da Van video about NEFR.