Watch Morgan Build the Last 3-Wheelers

It’s a sad day. Morgan has ended production of the 3 Wheeler, a car that is one of my personal favorites because it perfectly embodies the driving experience in its most raw form, despite the fact that it has one less wheel than a traditional car. Morgan has released this video commemorating the event, which shows us how they build… sorry, built these beasts.

Some speculate that in the future, the 3 Wheeler may return, in electric form. Certainly it would be an excellent platform for an electric conversion. There’s so little to it, you wouldn’t need much of a motor or battery pack to propel it to ludicrous speed. But there’s there’s something special about the ridiculous look of a Harley-Davidson engine (I know, it’s really an S&S) hanging off the front of the thing, and the sound of a Road Glide accompanying this weird contraption of a car. It’s bonkers, and that’s why I love it.

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