Go “Upta Camp” In Style With Outside Van’s Launch Pad

One phrase I learned while I lived in Maine was the term “upta camp.” That’s where hunters go plunk themselves in the woods for a week or two, drink beer, swap stories, and occasionally take a pot shot at a deer, moose, or whatever else they have a permit to hunt. It’s popular to take old campers or RVs “upta camp” and just leave them there year-round as a ready-to-go shelter for all your “upta camp” activities.

Outside Van has crossed this lifestyle with the camper van craze to create the Launch Pad, a luxury camper van built specifically with hunters in mind. It has all the usual camper van amenities, plus features like gun storage and off-road capability that hunters will find useful. Motor1.com has more.

And I thought I was glamping.

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